News Highlight

Sharif Jacob, Jon Streeter and Benita Brahmbhatt Secure Release of Pro Bono Client

06/27/2014 The client whose case has shaped California's parole system is released.

Keker & Van Nest Elevates Three Attorneys to Partner

12/15/2014 We are pleased to announce the elevation of Simona Agnolucci, Sharif Jacob and Khari Tillery to partner.

First District Court of Appeal Confirms Jon Streeter

12/10/2014 Keker & Van Nest Jon Streeter previously served as State Bar president.

Strategies for Minimizing Risk of Privacy Class Actions

12/05/2014 Rachael Meny and Jennifer Huber provide guidance on which prevention strategies and potential defenses businesses can use against privacy class actions.

Aaron Swartz Was No Criminal

11/18/2014 Dan Purcell, one of Swartz' lawyers, writes about the spiteful and unreasonable charges that led to his suicide—and MIT's gutless support of his prosecutors.

Justice System for White-Collar Defendants is Flawed Top to Bottom

11/17/2014 White-collar criminal defense and civil trial lawyer Stuart Gasner discusses how the justice system is skewed against the accused.

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Shell Oil's Suit Against Environmental Groups

11/13/2014 Justina Sessions, Steve Hirsch and Rachael Meny win a key victory for a dozen environmental groups working to protect the arctic.

‘Tough’ Lawyer John Keker Counsels Giving Veterans Legal Aid With Love

11/11/2014 Firm founder John Keker served as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam.

Decline in Patent Suits Raises Questions for Attorneys, Law Firms

11/11/2014 Ashok Ramani comments on how the Alice decision will impact NPE lawsuits seeking nuisance fee settlements.

Elliot Peters Wins Prestigious Pro Bono Award

11/10/2014 The Northern California Innocence Project chose Mr. Peters for freeing innocent people from wrongful incarceration.

How is the Venture Community Affected by the Criminalization of Trade Secret Law under the Economic Espionage Act?

11/04/2014 Stuart Gasner discusses how under the Economic Espionage Act, even the most run-of-the-mill trade secret case can be prosecuted as a criminal matter.

Judge Mulls Insider Trading Argument in Allergan Takeover

10/31/2014 Michael Celio comments on why Allergan's approach may be considered extremely aggressive.

Keker & Van Nest Wins Summary Judgment for TSMC in Patent Dispute with Ziptronix

10/21/2014 Ziptronix had asserted nine patents and more than 500 claims over TSMC’s manufacturing of semiconductors.

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