News Highlight

Keker Team Won a $1 Billion Bet for McKesson

08/12/2013 Jeff Chanin and David Silbert overcame tough odds and high financial stakes to prove their client was innocent of kickback charges.

Bob Van Nest and Ashok Ramani Named to Daily Journal's List of Top 75 IP Attorneys

04/09/2014 Winners helped to advance technological innovation and chance the law, handling work critical to the future of the technology and other industries.

Lawyer Sleuthing Uncovers Copying in Expert Reports

04/03/2014 While litigating a high-profile criminal economic espionage case, Stuart Gasner and his team were able to exclude an expert witness who submitted a report with major sections identical to Wikipedia entries.

Keker & Van Nest Wins Motion to Dismiss in Putative Securities Class Action

03/26/2014 Michael Celio led the defense of a renewable energy company and its CEO.

Quyen Ta Wins Asian American Bar Association Legal Advocacy Award

03/14/2014 Ms. Ta was awarded the prestigious award, named for Joe Morozumi - activist, attorney and mentor to many APA and minority attorneys in the Bay Area.

Anti-Hacking Law Needs Further Clarification, Defense Lawyers Say

02/27/2014 The Daily Journal article features insights from Elliot Peters, on how current hacking laws allow prosecutors too much discretion.

Elliot Peters and Jo Golub Named Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year

02/20/2014 California Lawyer recognized them for exonerating Ronald Ross, wrongfully convicted of attempted murder, and forced to serve nearly seven years of his 25-to-life sentence.

Trendy 3-D Printing Sure to Produce More IP Fights

02/17/2014 Paven Malhotra examines the implications 3-D printing holds for intellectual property rights.

Laurie Mims Defends City of Pleasant Hill in Pro Bono Gun Ordinance Case

02/15/2014 Gun advocates claim the city's firearms ordinance was improperly approved and violates the Constitution.

Corporate Counsel Name John Keker and Michael Celio Client Service All-Stars

02/05/2014 BTI Consulting Group interviewed in-house counsel to determine which innovative attorneys are leveraging market changes to stand out with corporate counsel and deliver superior client service.

John Keker and Jan Nielsen Little Win White Collar Criminal Defense Award from NACDL

02/03/2014 The award is presented to individuals who have made a profound impact on the field of white collar criminal defense advocacy.

Keker & Van Nest Defeats Patent Troll in Marshall, Texas

01/27/2014 On behalf of Google, Christa Anderson and her team successfully sued patent troll Beneficial Innovations Inc.

In Late Game Upset, EA Wins Copyright Dispute Over Madden Football

01/22/2014 In a stunning order, Breyer entered judgment for Electronic Arts in a dispute with video game designer Robin Antonick, who had accused the company of cheating him out of royalties for the wildly popular Madden Football series.

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