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Keker & Van Nest Named Top Litigation Boutique

10/15/2014 One name mentioned by virtually everyone the Daily Journal spoke to was Keker & Van Nest. Lawyers at some of the best firms in California said they model themselves after the litigation powerhouse.

MLB Gets Antitrust Claims Tossed In Scout Wage Suit

09/30/2016 Wyckoff -- a former scout for the Kansas City Royals -- sued Major League Baseball and all 30 clubs in the Southern District of New York. On behalf of a purported class of scouts, Wyckoff alleged that the defendants had conspired to suppress scouts’ wages and mobility.

Christa Anderson and Rachael Meny Named Women Leaders in Tech Law.

09/26/2016 Ms. Anderson and Ms. Meny represent the who's who of San Francisco Bay Area technology companies.

Pure Storage Wins New Trial In $14M EMC Patent Win

09/02/2016 The ruling keeps alive Pure Storage’s challenge of the unfavorable verdict in which jurors decided EMC, the largest computer storage company in the world, was owed $14 million in royalties by its rival, a Mountain View, Calif.-based outfit that went public last year.

Pure Storage Spanks EMC in Court

09/02/2016 A federal court in Delaware threw out a March 2016 verdict holding that Pure Storage must pay $14 million for violating an EMC software patent.

Court Guarantees Hearings for Detained Immigrants with Felonies

08/18/2016 As a result of this pro bono class action, between 800 to 1,000 people will now have a chance to petition a judge for their freedom.

Parole Board Accused of Violating Settlement with Life Prisoners

08/18/2016 The California parole board agreed more than two years ago to tell all life prisoners, at their first hearing, the appropriate sentence for their crime, but inmates’ lawyers who negotiated the settlement says the board has violated its pledge more than 1,600 times.

Four Partners Named to List of the 75 Top Intellectual Property Attorneys in California

08/17/2016 Bob Van Nest, Christa Anderson, Ashok Ramani and David Silbert were chosen for their groundbreaking work on behalf of established tech titans and cutting-edge Bay Area startups.

Rainmaker Q&A: Keker & Van Nest's Ashok Ramani

08/17/2016 Ashok Ramani offers his experience and insight to Law360.

More Detained Immigrants Are Owed Bond Hearings: 9th Circ.

08/05/2016 The Ninth Circuit’s ruling means that thousands of immigrants in California can now make a case against being detained.

Mandatory Detention Struck Down in California and Other Western States; Thousands of Families Now Protected

08/05/2016 Keker & Van Nest's pro bono class action has corrected a massive injustice.

Jan Nielsen Little, Elliot Peters and Susan Harriman Inducted Into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers

07/29/2016 The Academy is a group of truly elite trial lawyers, limited to the country's top 500 active trial lawyers.

Rachael Meny Named Top Labor & Employment Lawyer

07/20/2016 With cutting-edge clients like Lyft Inc., Google Inc. and Netflix Inc., much of Meny’s work focuses on how traditional employment agreements and job classifications apply to 21st century businesses.

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