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Keker & Van Nest Named Top Litigation Boutique

10/15/2014 One name mentioned by virtually everyone the Daily Journal spoke to was Keker & Van Nest. Lawyers at some of the best firms in California said they model themselves after the litigation powerhouse.

Law360 Names Keker & Van Nest's Robert Van Nest An Icon Of IP

06/27/2016 When he was a little boy, Robert A. Van Nest knew he wanted to be a lawyer. The Prairie State native originally envisioned himself advocating for the positions of others, fighting for underdogs and defending righteous causes.

Litigators of the Week: Robert Van Nest and Christa Anderson

06/03/2016 With $9 billion on the line, Google Inc. never lost faith in its lawyers at Keker & Van Nest. That decision paid off late last week after a second trial in the case, when a jury sided with the online search giant.

How Oracle Went from Nine Zeros to One Zero

06/01/2016 Google's lead attorney Robert Van Nest and his team won an epic victory in a courtroom battle between two Silicon Valley giants.

Lawsuit Says Shasta Co. Jail Mistreats Disabled Imates

05/26/2016 We are fighting to protect disabled prisoners who have suffered horrific and illegal treatment.

Class Action Claims California Jail Abuses Disabled Prisoners

05/25/2016 The class action cites repeated retaliation against detainees and prisoners who speak out about violations of the ADA and other laws.

Keker & Van Nest Filed an Amicus Brief for Amnesty International on Behalf of Chelsea Manning

05/20/2016 Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was sentenced in a military court for leaking about half a million classified documents to the secret-spilling WikiLeaks site.

Simona Agnolucci Named One of California's Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers

05/15/2016 Ms. Agnolucci works at the forefront of two hot and emerging litigation trends.

Erin Meyer Honored by Legal Services for Children

05/12/2016 Legal Services for Children provides free representation to Bay Area children and youth.

Steven Ragland Joins the Disability Rights Advocate's West Coast Advisory Board

05/05/2016 "Part of the reason I went to law school is to acquire the tools to make people do the right thing when they refuse to do so and injure someone or discriminate against a group of people. I want to use my skills to help ensure dignity and justice for everyone."

Adam Lauridsen Named Rising Star

05/02/2016 Mr. Lauridsen blends enthusiasm for sports with sophistication of sports law, tackling landmark cases involving Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption, franchise relocations and First Amendment disputes, landing him a spot on Law360's list of top attorneys under age 40

Jan Nielsen Little and Susan Harriman featured in the Daily Journal’s List of Top Women Lawyers

04/20/2016 Ms. Little and Ms. Harriman have been named to this list of California's most prestigious women lawyers since 2005.

Why Pediatricians Care So Much About the Supreme Court’s Birth Control Case

03/24/2016 KVN submitted a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which argued that the Supreme Court should not allow religious objectors to obstruct third parties from obtaining medication and treatments that their doctors have prescribed.

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