Inspired by Mentors, Jon Streeter Forges his Legal Legacy and Becomes a Mentor Himself

California Bar Journal 09/11/2011

It’s no accident that the two Andy Warhol-style oil paintings that grace Jon Streeter’s sunny, high-ceilinged Jackson Square office feature Muhammad Ali and Albert Einstein.

“I’ve got two geniuses who I greatly admire on my wall, both of them masters of their different fields,” says the partner at Keker & Van Nest in San Francisco and next president of The State Bar of California. “Both had a huge impact on their generations and beyond.”

Intelligent, thoughtful people to look up to are a recurrent theme in conversations with Streeter, who will be sworn in as the bar’s 87th president at this month’s annual meeting in Long Beach. He speaks admiringly of two of his earliest legal mentors — U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson, whom Streeter describes as an “institution,” and Judge Harry Edwards, former chief of the U.S. Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia circuit. Three decades after he clerked for them, he still considers them friends and mentors and feels he can call them when the situation warrants to ask for advice, “to lay out professional challenges” and get their learned perspective. Such relationships, he says, “really are the key to achieving success.”

John Keker says that besides being smart and a good partner, Streeter is a person who is sensitive to other people’s concerns and knows how to build consensus, qualities that will make him “a wonderful bar president.”

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Jon Streeter has been litigating complex business cases for almost three decades. During that time he has handled cases all over the country in trial and appellate courts, both state and federal. His expertise covers many specialized fields, including intellectual property, antitrust, securities, real estate, mortgage banking, executive compensation, energy regulation, and insurance coverage.

Mr. Streeter represents a broad variety of corporations, individual corporate officers and directors, public utilities, and public entities. He spends a significant amount of his time advising clients who wish to resolve disputes through negotiation prior to litigation. Although much of his litigation involves the defense of claims, more than half of his work in recent years has involved plaintiff-side cases for corporate and public sector clients that have generated recoveries, in the aggregate, of nearly a billion dollars. Another notable feature of Mr. Streeter’s resume is his pro bono work and his distinguished record of bar leadership and public service activities.

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